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Business Test is a web platform that enables you to check viability of your business idea, technologies, innovations, and even your current operating businesses. It provides information on current situation of your idea or business.

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If you want to startup a non-technology-based business, this online test enables you to know if your business idea is promising or otherwise.

If you want to startup a technology-based business, this test enables you to know your current level of innovation or technology development as well as how to improve its business potential.

If you have an existing business , this test enables you to know its growth level.

If you want to know about your new product before launching, this test enables you to know if the product has a potential or not.


You just fill answer online questions by selecting options that express your opinion and submit it. After few seconds, you will see level of your idea, innovation or business growth. If you would like to know about the levels and how your idea or business can be developed further, you can contact us


You get a general report on your test scores. This report outlines areas where you can focus for further development of your business. Also, you also have an online meeting with one of our experts. Please contact us for the quotation.


You can publish your survey on our platform and receive a report on it. You just send us your survey questions, its purpose and description of your target people. Our company will upload it to our platform and promote it online for you. After agreed deadline, you will receive a general report and professional comment from our team. This is service for anyone or any organisation. So, do not hesitate to contact us for our quotation.



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